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Liar is the female tribute from District 2 who competed in the 65th annual hunger games. Her real name was not revealed but Trifecta nicknamed her this because she couldn't be trusted, and because she looked like one of the many girls at her school who always spread rumors and gossiped about everything.


During training Trifecta, the female tribute from District 1 noticed that Liar couldn't be trusted, after she promised a twelve-year-old tribute from District 10 that she would become her ally. After the promise, Trifecta heard Liar laugh to Trinity Vallex, the female tribute from District 4, that she would never ally a little girl from an outlying district like 10. It is known that Liar tripped the girl from 10 in the arena at the Bloodbath and brutally beat her. Liar would ally people during training or right before the Games, but in reality she would be lying and would be plotting to kill them in the Games.

The Hunger GamesEdit

During the Games, Liar didn't make it through the first night. She got killed by Fred because he noticed that she not the kind of ally that he would want on his team. Because of that reason she died through the games.


Liar was the first Career tribute to be killed. Fred tackled her down and slammed her face into the ground because he didn't have a weapon to use. She started kicking and screaming but Fred pulled her hair and slapped her to get her to shut up and then he kicked her side and she rolled down a hill, splashing into a stream, she drowned.


Liar was said to be blonde and pretty. It was noted that during the tribute parade, she was wearing a mineral and crystal costume, and Caesar made a sly remark reguarding that the costume revealed parts of her body that were illegal to show in public. Her stylist was executed after the Games for this reason.

Liar telling another tribute that she wanted to ally he or she

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