Fred Griph




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District 1









Fred Griph is the male contender from District 1 of the 65th Hunger Games.

The hunger gamesEdit

Freds' interview with Caeser Flickerman went very good as Fred discussed his love for Trifecta Partmoon. During the chariot rides Fred along with Trifecta were dressed as noted by Reef "Wearing hot pink and covered with shiny blue diamonds that sparkled and glowed."

During training Fred scanned other tributes abilities and earned and allied the male tribute from District 4 Beck Statter. He practiced using the spear and became use to it. During the 3rd day of training Fred was able to throw a spear and hit the dummy either in the heart or the skull. Fred earned a score of 10 during his private session with the gamemakers.

During the opening bloodbath of the hunger games Fred killed Trinity Vallex the female tribute from 4, and the female tribute from 2 because she was untrusting. Later on Fred killed Beck for slapping Trifecta.


Fred was killed in the 2nd bloodbath that occured during a feast by Trifecta. After one last kiss from Trifecta, Trifecta stabbed Fred in the stomach to end his suffering after being brutally injured by Reef the male tribute from 5.


Fred only had one relashionship. He is said to be dating Trifecta Partmoon and Fred actually voluntered to take the place of the chosen male tribute from District 1 to protect Trifecta.

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