Cathalina Veebot, from District 3

Cathalina Veebot was the victor of the 49th Hunger Games from District 3.


Cathalina was chosen at the reaping at age 12. She had turned 12 the day before the reaping, and she was hoping that there would be a lag in the system, and that they wouldn't know she was 12, but the records were clear. And she was chosen.


Cathalina went to survival skills mainly during the first two days of training. Like starting fires, poisonous and edible food in the wild, how to find water, how to climb trees, knot-tying, fish hooks, how to make shelter, and camouflage. On the third day of training, she started going to the combat skills, like knife throwing, weapon making, bow and arrow skills, spear throwing, using axes, the Gauntlet, and hand-to-hand combat. She didn't appear very good to the other tributes, but after her private training session with the Gamemakers, she was smirking. She ended up getting a scoreo f 10. Very rare, especially for a girl from District 3.

The Hunger GamesEdit

During the Hunger Games, Cathalina didn't ally anyone. She grabbed one backpack, containg a rope, a bottle of water, dried fruit, and a net. She tied the long rope around a tree trunk and tied the other end to the net and when a tribute walked under the tree, she would drop the net and capture the tribute. Then she'd choke the tribute with the net and then take their supplies and drop them for the Hovercraft to retrieve.

When it came down to her and the Career from District 4 Blu Iscrystal, he tried to find her, but she ended up outlasting him using her survival skills. He died without her even have to kill him.


She is described to be very clever and elusive. She had red hair and Caesar, during the tribute parade, called it "...a voluminous bright bunch of orange-ish sunlight." For this reason, she never took her hoodie down during the Games. She didn't want the other tributes to see it because her hair was so colorful. This is why Caesar said that she was smart.


President Snow grew angry with Cathalina. He thought that her win was unjust. In his mind, the Hunger Games were a fight to the death, but Cathalina didn't fight the last tribute to the death, she just outsmarted him. So he secretly sent out Peacekeepers to raid her home and kill her. The next day he appeared on television, and told a lie to the whole nation about Cathalina's death. She was buried somewhere within her home district and it's still unknown today where she is.